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Basic Kyrgyz Phrases For Travel

Kyrgyz, the language of Kyrgyzstan, is a melodic and expressive tongue that reflects the country’s rich heritage and history. Engaging with locals in Kyrgyz, even just a few simple phrases, opens a window into their lives and traditions.

Whether you’re sharing a yurt with a nomadic family, hiking through colourful otherworldly canyons, or exploring ancient Silk Road cities, these phrases will enrich your journey and connect you more deeply with the soul of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is the first country I visited in Central Asia, and to this day it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It’s a land of towering snow-capped mountains, pristine alpine valleys, and ancient nomadic culture.


Basic Words in Kyrgyz

Kyrgyz is a Turkic language, related to Turkish and Kazakh. There are around 4.5 million Kyrgyz speakers in Central Asia. Most live in Kyrgyzstan, although there are also Kyrgyz speakers in parts of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and China.

As a language with rich oral traditions, it carries the history and culture of the Kyrgyz people, a nomadic community that has roamed the steppes and mountains of Central Asia for centuries.

Start your Kyrgyz language journey with these essential words. They’re the building blocks for daily conversations and a great way to connect with locals in Kyrgyzstan.

  • СаламSalam – Hello
  • Кош болуңузKosh boluñuz – Goodbye
  • РахматRahmat – Thank you
  • СуранычSuranych – You’re welcome
  • СуранамSuranam – Please
  • ОобаOoba – Yes
  • ЖокJok – No
  • Кутман эртеңKutman erteñ – Good morning
  • Кутман кечKutman kech – Good evening
  • Кутман түшKutman tüsh – Good afternoon
  • ТамакTamak – Food
  • СууSuu – Water
  • ДаретканаDaretkana – Bathroom
  • Тилек – Tilek – Wish
  • Юрогузуу – Yuroguzuu – Adventure
  • Үй – Uy – Home
  • Балдар – Baldar – Children
  • Мугалим – Mug’alim – Teacher
  • Себет – Sebet – Market
  • Тамак – Tamak – Food
  • Саз – Saz – Music
  • Китеп – Kitep – Book
  • Булут – Bulut – Cloud
  • Мейманчылык – Meymanchylyk – Hospitality

Common Kyrgyz Phrases

As a traveller, you certainly don’t need to be fluent in Kyrgyz. However, mastering some of the most common phrases can help you navigate through the country and engage in everyday life.

Ideal for casual interactions, they’ll bring you closer to the heart of Kyrgyz culture.

  • Кандайсыз?Kandaysyz? – How are you?
  • Жакшы, рахматJakshy, rahmat – I’m good thanks
  • Таанышканыма кубанычтамынTaanıshkanıma kubanychtamın – Nice to meet you
  • Менин атым…Menin atım… – My name is…
  • КечиресизKechiresiz – I’m sorry
  • Кечирим сураймKechirim suraim – Excuse me
  • Мага жардам бере аласызбы?Maga jardam bere alasizby? – Can you help me?
  • Кандай сулуу!Kanday suluu! – How beautiful!
  • КөрүшкөнчөKörüshkönchö – See you
  • Кийинки жолу көрүшкөнчөKiynki jolu körüshkönchö – See you later
  • Ийгилик!İygilik! – Good luck!

Basic Kyrgyz Phrases for Travellers

Acclimatising to a new place often becomes easier when you can express basic needs or inquiries, reducing the struggle of any language barrier.

These traveller-focused phrases will enhance your journey, facilitate communication, and impress the locals who will be delighted with your efforts to learn their language.

  • Менде бронь барMende bron’ bar – I have a reservation
  • Сураныч, дареткана кайда?Suranych, daretkana kaida? – Where are the bathrooms, please?
  • ___ кантип барам?___ kantip baram? – How do I get to ___?
  • Бул канча турат?Bul kancha turat? – How much is this?
  • Англисче сүйлөй аласызбы?Anglische süylöy alasizby? – Do you speak English?
  • Эң жакын мейманкана кайда?Eñ jakın meımankana kaida? – Where is the nearest hotel?
  • Мен адашып калдым. Жардам бере аласызбы?Men adashıp kaldım. Jardam bere alasizby? – I’m lost. Can you help me?
  • Бул аймак коопсузбу?Bul aymak koopsuzbu? – Is this area safe?
  • Бул аймак түнкүсүн коопсузбу?Bul aymak tünküsün koopsuzbu? – Is this area safe at night?
  • Меймандостугуңуз үчүн рахматMeımandostuguñuz üchün rahmat – Thank you for your hospitality

Useful Kyrgyz Phrases for Information

When you’re curious or need guidance, these Kyrgyz phrases should come in handy. They’ll make it easier to ask for information and seek assistance.

This is especially important in a country like Kyrgyzstan, where English is not widely spoken outside of larger cities and towns.

  • Менде суроо барMende suroo bar – I have a question
  • Бул кыргызча кандай аталат?Bul kyrgyzcha kanday atalat? – What is this called in Kyrgyz?
  • Сураныч, баяураак сүйлөй аласызбы?Suranych, bayuraak süylöy alasizby? – Can you speak slower, please?
  • Мен кыргызча жакшы сүйлөй албаймMen kyrgyzcha jakshy süylöy albaım – I do not speak Kyrgyz very well
  • ТүшүнбөдүмTüshünbödüm – I do not understand
  • Сураныч, кайталап айта аласызбы?Suranych, kaytalap ayta alasizby? – Can you repeat that please?
  • Мага маалымат керекMaga maalymat kerek – I need information
  • Маалымат кеңсеси кайда?Maalymat keñsesi kaida? – Where is the information office?
  • Бул эмне дегенди билдирет?Bul emne degendi bildiret? – What does this mean?
  • Азыркы убакыт канча?Azyrky ubakyt kancha? – What time is it?
  • Сиздин электрондук дарегиңиз кандай?Sizdin elektronduk daregiñiz kanday? – What’s your email address?
  • ____ кыргызча кандай айтылат?____ kyrgyzcha kanday aytılat? – How do you say ____ in Kyrgyz?
  • Бул/Ал эмне?Bul/Al emne? – What is this/that?
  • Сиздин телефоңузду колдоно аламбы?Sizdin telefoñuzdu koldono alamby? – Can I use your phone?

Useful Phrases for Directions in Kyrgyz

Find your way around Kyrgyzstan’s diverse landscapes with these direction phrases. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, modern cities, or breathtaking mountain ranges, they’ll help keep you on the right track.

  • … кайда?… kaida? – Where is the…?
  • …га кантип барам?…ga kantip baram? – How do I get to…?
  • Картаңызда көрсөтүп бере аласызбы?Kartañızda körsötüp bere alasizby? – Can you show me on the map?
  • Оңго – Right
  • Солго – Left
  • Түз – Straight
  • Түз алдыга барыңызTüz aldyga baryñız – Go straight ahead
  • Оңго/Солго бурулуңузOñgo/Solgo buruluñuz – Turn right/left
  • Бул жакын/алысBul jakyn/alys – It’s near/far
  • Бул бурулуштун артындаBul burulushtun artynda – It’s around the corner
  • Бул бурулушBul burulush – This is the corner
  • …га баруучу жол кайсы?…ga baruuchu jol kaysy? – Which way is it to…?
  • Ал жакка жөө барсам болобу же такси керекпи?Al jakka jöö barsam bolobu je taksi kerekpi? – Can I walk there or do I need a taxi?

Basic Kyrgyz Phrases for Transportation

Public transport in Kyrgyzstan involves a mixture of marshrutkas (shared mini-buses), taxis, and regular buses.

Ensuring that you can communicate your destination, identify your stops, or just navigate your way around this system is important for smooth travel throughout the country.

Here’s a handful of useful phrases that will come in handy.

  • Такси кайдан табам?Taksi kaidan tabam? – Where can I get a taxi?
  • …га баруу канча турат?…ga baru kancha turat? – How much does it cost to go to…?
  • Мен …га баргым келетMen …ga bargym kelet – I want to go to…
  • Автобус аялдамасы кайда?Avtobus ayaldamasy kaida? – Where is the bus stop?
  • Автобус бекети кайда?Avtobus beketi kaida? – Where is the bus station?
  • Кийинки поезд качан кетет?Kiynki poyezd kachan ketet? – What time does the next train leave?
  • …га жетүү үчүн канча убакыт кетет?…ga jetüü üchün kancha ubakyt ketet? – How long does it take to get to…?
  • Аэропортко кантип барам?Aeroportko kantip baram? – How do I get to the airport?
  • Бул автобус …га баратабы?Bul avtobus …ga barataby? – Does this bus go to…?
  • Мага айланма билет керекMaga aılanma bilet kerek – I need a round trip ticket
  • Билетти кайдан алсам болот?Biletti kaidan alsam bolot? – Where do I buy tickets?

Basic Kyrgyz Phrases About Accommodation

From booking a room in a hotel or guesthouse to asking about facilities and even room service, these phrases will help you communicate your needs, allowing you to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

  • Бош бөлмөлөр барбы?Bosh bölmlör barby? – Do you have any rooms available?
  • Түнүнө канча турат?Tününö kancha turat? – How much does it cost per night?
  • Баага тамак-аш киреби?Baaga tamak-ash kirebi? – Is breakfast included in the price?
  • Мага эки кишилик бөлмө керекMaga eki kishilik bölme kerek – I need a double room
  • Эки керебети бар бөлмө барбы?Eki kerebeti bar bölme barby? – Is there a room with two beds?
  • Акысыз Wi-Fi барбы?Akysyz Wi-Fi barby? – Is there free Wi-Fi?
  • Бөлмөдө кондиционер барбы?Bölmödö kondicioner barby? – Is there air conditioning?
  • Лифт кайда?Lift kaida? – Where is the elevator?
  • Спорт залы кайда?Sport zaly kaida? – Where is the gym?
  • Мен бөлмөнү брондоого келдимMen bölmonü brondogo keldim – I would like to book a room
  • Бөлмөгө кызмат көрсөтүү барбы?Bölmögö kyzmat körstüü barby? – Is there room service?
  • Бөлмө кирBölme kir – The room is dirty
  • Бул мейманканада коопсуз сеземBul meımkana koopsuz sezem – I feel safe in this hotel
  • Сизде адаптер барбы?Sizde adapter barby? – Do you have a plug adaptor?
  • Мен сулуу көрүнүшү бар бөлмөнү каалаймMen suluu körünüshü bar bölmonü kaalaim – I want a room with a nice view
  • Бөлмөдө коопсуз сейф барбы?Bölmödö koopsuz seyf barby? – Is there a safe in the room?
  • Мени (жети) саатта ойготуп коё аласызбы?Meni (jeti) saatta oigotup koyo alasizby? – Can you wake me up at (Seven) a.m.?
  • Балага бешик керекBalaga beshik kerek – I need a crib for the baby
  • Чыгуу убактысы качан?Chyguu ubakty kachan? – What’s the check-out time?

Helpful Kyrgyz Phrases for Shopping

Shopping in Kyrgyzstan is often a fun and memorable experience. These phrases are great for browsing, bargaining, and buying, adding a local touch to your shopping adventures.

  • Мен… издеп жатамMen… izdep jatam – I am looking for…
  • Бул канча турат?Bul kancha turat? – How much does it cost?
  • Арзандатуу барбы?Arzandatuu barby? – Is there any discount?
  • Арзандатуу канча?Arzandatuu kancha? – How much is the discount?
  • Бул тым кымбатBul tym kymbat – That’s too expensive
  • Бааны төмөндөтө аласызбы?Baanı tömöndötö alasizby? – Can you lower the price?
  • Мен кредиттик карта менен төлөй аламбы?Men kredittik karta menen töloy alamby? – Can I pay with a credit card?
  • Тек каражат менен ганаTek karajat menen gana – Cash only
  • Бул көбүрөөк өлчөмүндө барбы?Bul köbüröök ölchömündö barby? – Do you have this in a larger size?
  • Бул башка түстө барбы?Bul bashka tüstö barby? – Do you have this in another colour?
  • Мен бул товарды кайтаргым келетMen bul tovardı kaytargım kelet – I want to return this
  • Кийим сыноочу бөлмө кайда?Kıim synoochu bölme kaida? – Where are the fitting rooms?
  • Сураныч, супермаркет кайда?Suranych, supermarket kaida? – Excuse me, where’s the supermarket?
  • Кийим дүкөнү кайда?Kıim dükonü kaida? – Where’s the clothing store?
  • Мага пакет керекMaga paket kerek – I need a bag
  • Жергиликтүү продукцияны кайдан табам?Jergiliktuü produktciyanı kaidan tabam? – Where can I find local products?

Helpful Phrases for Dining Out in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz cuisine is an eclectic mixture of Central Asian and Russian influences. The food is hearty, rich and full of fresh vegetables, grains, herbs, and spices.

My favourite thing to eat in Kyrgyzstan is lagman (or laghman) – a popular dish made of thick hand-cut noodles, vegetables, and a spicy, vinegary sauce. It’s a Uyghur dish that originated in Xinjiang but is also very popular in Kyrgyzstan.

Enjoy the flavours of Kyrgyzstan with these dining phrases. Navigate menus, order your favourite dishes, and immerse yourself in the country’s unique culinary scene.

  • Эки кишилик стол сурай аламбы?Eki kishilik stol suray alamby? – Can I get a table for two?
  • Менюну көрсөтө аласызбы?Menyunu körsötö alasizby? – Can you please show me the menu?
  • Күндүн тамагы эмне?Kündün tamagy emne? – What is the dish of the day?
  • Мен… алгым келетMen… algım kelet – I would like…
  • Мага эмне сунуштай аласыз?Maga emne sunushtay alasiz? – Could you suggest something for me?
  • Тамактан эмне жесем болот?Tamaktan emne jese kelet? – What do you recommend to eat?
  • Мен…га аллергиям барMen…ga allergiyam bar – I’m allergic to…
  • Бул тамакта… барбы?Bul tamakta… barby? – Does this dish contain…?
  • Вегетариан/веган опцияларыңыз барбы?Vegetarian/vegan optsiyalaryñız barby? – Do you have vegetarian/vegan options?
  • Мен ет/балык/сүт азыктарын жебеймMen et/balyk/süt azyktarın jebeym – I don’t eat meat/fish/dairy
  • Бул вегетариандар үчүн ылайыктуубу?Bul vegetariandar üchün ylayıktuubu? – Is this suitable for vegetarians?
  • Бул эмне?Bul emne? – What is this?
  • Мага бул жактыMaga bul jakty – I like it
  • Сураныч, эсеп-шотту бере аласызбы?Suranych, esep-shottu bere alasizby? – Can I have the bill, please?
  • Абдан дәмдүү болду! РахматAbdan dämdüü boldu! Rahmat – It was delicious! Thank you

Kyrgyz Question Words

Mastering the art of question-asking is crucial in any language. These Kyrgyz question words will help you engage in deeper conversations, learn more about this beautiful country, and engage more with its fascinating customs.

  • Эмне?Emne? – What?
  • Кайда?Kaida? – Where?
  • Качан?Kachan? – When?
  • Ким?Kim? – Who?
  • Эмне үчүн?Emne üchün? – Why?
  • Кантип?Kantip? – How?
  • Кайсы?Kaysy? – Which?
  • Канча турат?Kancha turat? – How much?
  • Канча?Kancha? – How many?
  • Кимдики?Kimdiki? – Whose?
  • Канча/Канча?Kancha/Kancha? – How much/How many?
  • Бул…беле?Bul…bele? – Is it…?
  • …жасай алабы?…jasay alaby? – Can
  • …болобу?…bolobu? – Will
  • Бул эмне?Bul emne? – What is this?
  • Бул ким?Bul kim? – Who is that?
  • Бул кандай?Bul kanday? – How is it?
  • Бул эмне үчүн?Bul emne üchün? – Why is it?
  • Эмне үчүн бул?Emne üchün bul? – Why this?
  • …ичинде эмне бар?…ichinde emne bar? – What is in …?
  • …кайда?…kaida? – Where is …?
  • …барбы?…barby? – Is there a …?

Understanding the Cyrillic Alphabet

Kyrgyz uses the Cyrillic alphabet, just like Kazakh and Russian. In recent years, Kyrgyzstan has started making moves towards officially adopting the Latin alphabet instead.

However, for now, Cyrillic is the main form of writing used throughout the country. So, it’s helpful to familiarise yourself with this alphabet to help you read signs, bus destinations, menus and more.

Here’s a guide to the Cyrillic alphabet with translations for each letter, presented in both capital and lowercase forms.

  • А а – A a
  • Б б – B b
  • В в – V v
  • Г г – G g
  • Д д – D d
  • Е е – Ye ye
  • Ё ё – Yo yo (Note: Rarely used in Kazakh and Kyrgyz)
  • Ж ж – Zh zh
  • З з – Z z
  • И и – I i
  • Й й – Y y (Short i)
  • К к – K k
  • Л л – L l
  • М м – M m
  • Н н – N n
  • О о – O o
  • П п – P p
  • Р р – R r
  • С с – S s
  • Т т – T t
  • У у – U u
  • Ф ф – F f
  • Х х – Kh kh
  • Ц ц – Ts ts
  • Ч ч – Ch ch
  • Ш ш – Sh sh
  • Щ щ – Shch shch
  • Ъ ъ – Hard Sign (Not commonly used in modern Kazakh or Kyrgyz)
  • Ы ы – Y y (Specific to Kazakh and Kyrgyz)
  • Ь ь – Soft Sign
  • Э э – E e
  • Ю ю – Yu yu
  • Я я – Ya ya

Numbers in Kyrgyz

Understanding the Kyrgyz numbering system is useful in a wide range of scenarios, especially when it comes to transactions, discussing times, and navigating transportation.

Below is a list of simple numbers along with some larger ones:

  • Нөл – Nöl – 0
  • Бир – Bir – 1
  • Эки – Eki – 2
  • Үч – Üç – 3
  • Төрт – Tört – 4
  • Беш – Beş – 5
  • Алты – Alty – 6
  • Жети – Jeti – 7
  • Сегиз – Segiz – 8
  • Тогуз – Toguz – 9
  • Он – On – 10
  • Он бир – On bir – 11
  • Он эки – On eki – 12
  • Он үч – On üç – 13
  • Он төрт – On tört – 14
  • Он беш – On beş – 15
  • Он алты – On alty – 16
  • Он жети – On jeti – 17
  • Он сегиз – On segiz – 18
  • Он тогуз – On toguz – 19
  • Жыйырма – Jyıyrma – 20
  • Отуз – Otuuz – 30
  • Кырк – Kırk – 40
  • Элүү – Elüü – 50
  • Алтымыш – Altymyş – 60
  • Жетимиш – Jetimiş – 70
  • Сексен – Seksen – 80
  • Токсон – Tokson – 90
  • Жүз – Jüz – 100
  • Миң – Miñ – 1,000
  • Он миң – On miñ – 10,000
  • Жүз миң – Jüz miñ – 100,000
  • Бир миллион – Bir million – 1,000,000

To create numbers in between these, you combine the tens and units. For example:

  • “Twenty-one” is Jyıyrma bir (Жыйырма бир) (20 + 1)
  • “Thirty-two” is Otuuz eki (Отуз эки) (30 + 2)

For numbers in the hundreds, thousands, and beyond, combine the larger number with the smaller. For instance:

  • “One hundred and twenty-three” is Jüz jyıyrma üç (Жүз жыйырма үч)
  • “Two thousand and nineteen” is Eki miñ on toguz (Эки миң он тогуз)

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Final Thoughts

Learning a few Kyrgyz phrases not only helps you communicate better while travelling in the country, it also opens the door for meaningful conversations and lasting connections with the locals.

So, take a few moments to practice these basic words and phrases before your next trip. It’s well worth the effort!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. People will be friendly and grateful for your efforts to learn their language.

Lastly, if you want to take your Kyrgyz learning to the next level, I recommend taking a look at LiveLingua.com.

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