Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide


There’s quite a buzz in the travel community about Kyrgyzstan these days.

This small, landlocked country in the heart of Central Asia has some of the most spectacular, untouched scenery anywhere in the world.  

Towering snowy peaks, giant glaciers, thick walnut forests, otherworldly canyonslush green alpine pastures dotted with yurts and herds of wild horses.  Kyrgyzstan is a paradise for adventure travel.  

Embark on an unforgettable multi-day trek in the breathtaking Tian Shan mountains. Camp in fairytale meadows full of wild flowers. 

Cross vast plateaus on horseback, stay in a yurt with a family of nomadic shepherds, or just kick back and relax on the beach shores of the sparkling Issyk-Kul lake.

Add to this a rich history intertwined with the ancient Silk Road, a strong nomadic culture, and warm hospitable people.  Kyrgyzstan is as unique as it is spectacular.

It’s also the most accessible of the Central Asian “-stans”, with visa-free travel for many nationalities, and a fantastic Community Based Tourism (CBT) network connecting travellers to family-owned guesthouses and independent local guides.

Tourism is on the rise here, and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world realises how ridiculously beautiful Kyrgyzstan is.  For now though, most of the country feels well off the beaten track, and all the more awesome for it.

Come soon, while you can still have this epic place to yourself!


Approximate Area: 200,000 km2
Approximate Population: 7 million
Currency: Som
Official Language(s): Kyrgyz;  Russian
International Dialling Code: + 996
Drives on the: Right

Kyrgyzstan Travel Tips and Guides

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