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Basic Croatian Phrases For Travel

While many Croatians speak excellent English, they also really appreciate it when you make the effort to learn a few simple Croatian words and phrases.

In my experience, this opens doors to warmer interactions, more authentic experiences, and a deeper understanding of the culture. It’s the bridge between being simply another tourist and becoming part of the scene.

Ancient walled cities, colourful inland lakes, and thousands of idyllic islands – it’s an incredibly beautiful country. I’ve visited Croatia three times now and I absolutely love the place!

Basic Words in Croatian

The Croatian language forms a part of the rich linguistic heritage of the Balkans. Vibrant and rhythmic, learning Croatian can be a fun challenge.

Here are some of the most common Croatian words and phrases that you should start with.

  • Bok – Hi (informal)
  • Zdravo – Hello (formal)
  • Doviđenja – Goodbye
  • Hvala – Thank you
  • Nema na čemu – You’re welcome
  • Molim – Please
  • Da – Yes
  • Ne – No
  • Dobro jutro – Good morning
  • Dobra večer – Good evening
  • Dobar dan – Good afternoon
  • Oprostite – Excuse me
  • Hrana – Food
  • Voda – Water
  • Kupaonica – Bathroom
View of Plitvice Lakes from above taken near the main entrance showing a curving boardwalk passing between vivid turquoise coloured lakes

Common Croatian Phrases

Croatian is a Slavic language, and while it might seem intimidating at first, it’s not as hard as you might think. This handful of popular Croatian phrases will definitely come in handy during your visit.

  • Kako ste? – How are you?
  • Dobro sam, hvala – I’m good, thanks
  • Drago mi je – Nice to meet you
  • Zovem se… – My name is…
  • Oprostite – I’m sorry
  • Izvinite – Excuse me
  • Možete li mi pomoći? – Can you help me?
  • Kako lijepo! – How beautiful!
  • Vidimo se – See you
  • Vidimo se kasnije – See you later
  • Sretno! – Good luck!

Basic Croatian Phrases for Travellers

Here are some more commonly used expressions that you’ll find helpful during your time travelling in Croatia.

  • Imam rezervaciju – I have a reservation
  • Gdje su toaleti, molim? – Where are the bathrooms, please?
  • Kako doći do…? – How do I get to ___?
  • Koliko to košta? – How much is this?
  • Govorite li engleski? – Do you speak English?
  • Gdje je najbliži hotel? – Where is the nearest hotel?
  • Izgubljen(a) sam. Možete li mi pomoći? – I’m lost. Can you help me?
  • Je li ovo područje sigurno? – Is this area safe?
  • Je li ovo područje sigurno noću? – Is this area safe at night?
Atmospheric streets of Split old town just after sunset

Useful Croatian Phrases for Information

When you’re seeking information, these Croatian phrases are invaluable. Ask, learn, and engage with the locals to enrich your understanding of your surroundings.

  • Imam pitanje – I have a question
  • Kako se ovo zove na hrvatskom? – What is this called in Croatian?
  • Možete li govoriti sporije, molim? – Can you speak slower, please?
  • Ne govorim dobro hrvatski – I do not speak Croatian very well
  • Ne razumijem – I do not understand
  • Možete li ponoviti, molim? – Can you repeat that, please?
  • Trebam informacije – I need information
  • Gdje je ured za informacije? – Where is the information office?
  • Što to znači? – What does this mean?
  • Koliko je sati? – What time is it?
  • Koja je vaša e-mail adresa? – What’s your email address?
  • Kako se kaže ____ na hrvatskom? – How do you say ____ in Croatian?
  • Što je ovo/ono? – What is this/that?
  • Mogu li koristiti vaš telefon? – Can I use your phone?

Useful Phrases for Directions in Croatian

Navigate Croatia’s beautiful landscapes with ease using these direction phrases. Whether you’re roaming the historic streets of Split or hiking along scenic coastal paths, you’ll always find your way.

  • Gdje je…? – Where is the…?
  • Kako doći do…? – How do I get to…?
  • Možete li mi pokazati na karti? – Can you show me on the map?
  • Idite ravno – Go straight ahead
  • Sklonite desno/lijevo – Turn right/left
  • To je blizu/daleko – It’s near/far
  • To je iza ugla – It’s around the corner
  • Ovo je kut – This is the corner
  • Kojim putem do…? – Which way is it to…?
  • Mogu li ići pješice ili trebam taksi? – Can I walk there or do I need a taxi?
View towards Split from Klis Fortress in Croatia

Basic Croatian Phrases for Transportation

Travel around Croatia effortlessly with these transportation phrases. They simplify getting from point A to B, whether by bus, ferry, car, or tram.

  • Gdje mogu dobiti taksi? – Where can I get a taxi?
  • Koliko košta do…? – How much does it cost to go to…?
  • Želim ići do… – I want to go to…
  • Gdje je autobusna stanica? – Where is the bus stop?
  • Gdje je autobusni kolodvor? – Where is the bus station?
  • Kada kreće sljedeći vlak? – What time does the next train leave?
  • Koliko dugo traje do…? – How long does it take to get to…?
  • Kako doći do aerodroma? – How do I get to the airport?
  • Da li ovaj autobus ide do…? – Does this bus go to…?
  • Trebam povratnu kartu – I need a round trip ticket
  • Gdje kupiti karte? – Where do I buy tickets?

Basic Croatian Phrases About Accommodation

Ensure a comfortable stay with these Croatian accommodation phrases. Communicate your needs effectively for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

  • Imate li slobodnih soba? – Do you have any rooms available?
  • Koliko košta noćenje? – How much does it cost per night?
  • Je li doručak uključen u cijenu? – Is breakfast included in the price?
  • Trebam dvokrevetnu sobu – I need a double room
  • Imate li sobu s dva kreveta? – Is there a room with two beds?
  • Imate li besplatan Wi-Fi? – Is there free Wi-Fi?
  • Imate li klimatizaciju? – Is there air conditioning?
  • Gdje je dizalo? – Where is the elevator?
  • Gdje je teretana? – Where is the gym?
  • Želio/željela bih rezervirati sobu – I would like to book a room
  • Imate li uslugu u sobu? – Is there room service?
  • Soba je prljava – The room is dirty
  • Osiguran sam/na u ovom hotelu – I feel safe in this hotel
  • Imate li adapter za utičnicu? – Do you have a plug adaptor?
  • Želim sobu s lijepim pogledom – I want a room with a nice view
  • Ima li sef u sobi? – Is there a safe in the room?
  • Možete li me probuditi u (sedam) ujutro? – Can you wake me up at (seven) a.m.?
  • Trebam dječji krevetić – I need a crib for the baby
  • Kada je vrijeme odjave? – What’s the check-out time?
Ruined roman amphitheatre at Salona in Croatia

Helpful Croatian Phrases for Shopping

Shopping in Croatia becomes a breeze with these phrases. From local markets to chic boutiques, they help you find what you’re looking for and maybe even secure a good deal.

  • Tražim… – I am looking for…
  • Koliko to košta? – How much does it cost?
  • Ima li popust? – Is there any discount?
  • Koliki je popust? – How much is the discount?
  • To je preskupo – That’s too expensive
  • Možete li smanjiti cijenu? – Can you lower the price?
  • Mogu li platiti kreditnom karticom? – Can I pay with a credit card?
  • Samo gotovina – Cash only
  • Imate li ovo u većoj veličini? – Do you have this in a larger size?
  • Imate li ovo u drugoj boji? – Do you have this in another colour?
  • Želim vratiti ovo – I want to return this
  • Gdje su kabine za presvlačenje? – Where are the fitting rooms?
  • Oprostite, gdje je supermarket? – Excuse me, where’s the supermarket?
  • Gdje je trgovina odjećom? – Where’s the clothing store?
  • Trebam vrećicu – I need a bag
  • Gdje mogu pronaći lokalne proizvode? – Where can I find local products?

Helpful Phrases for Dining Out in Croatia

Whether you’re ordering a tasty dish at a chic Croatian restaurant or buying local produce from a farmers’ market, knowing how to communicate effectively can enhance any dining experience.

Croatian cuisine is made up of an eclectic mix of dishes that reflect the country’s diverse cultural influences. From hearty meat dishes to a variety of seafood, the dining scene in Croatia offers something for everyone.

Savour Croatian cuisine to the fullest with these dining phrases. Navigate menus, order with confidence, and enjoy the rich flavours of local dishes.

  • Mogu li dobiti stol za dvoje? – Can I get a table for two?
  • Možete li mi pokazati jelovnik? – Can you please show me the menu?
  • Koje je jelo dana? – What is the dish of the day?
  • Želio/željela bih… – I would like…
  • Možete li nešto predložiti? – Could you suggest something for me?
  • Što preporučujete za jesti? – What do you recommend to eat?
  • Alergičan/na sam na… – I’m allergic to…
  • Sadrži li ovo jelo…? – Does this dish contain…?
  • Imate li vegetarijanske/veganske opcije? – Do you have vegetarian/vegan options?
  • Ne jedem meso/ribu/mliječne proizvode – I don’t eat meat/fish/dairy
  • Je li ovo prikladno za vegetarijance? – Is this suitable for vegetarians?
  • Što je ovo? – What is this?
  • Sviđa mi se – I like it
  • Mogu li dobiti račun, molim? – Can I have the bill, please?
  • Bilo je ukusno! Hvala – It was delicious! Thank you

Remember, the key to effective communication is confidence and a friendly smile!

Main square in Split Old Town illuminated at night with a historical clock tower and lots of people

Croatian Question Words

Unleash your curiosity with these Croatian question words. Essential for deeper conversations, they’ll help you uncover the stories and secrets of Croatia and unlock more in-depth and interactive conversations with the locals.

  • Što? – What?
  • Gdje? – Where?
  • Kada? – When?
  • Tko? – Who?
  • Zašto? – Why?
  • Kako? – How?
  • Koji? – Which?
  • Koliko? – How much?
  • Koliko? – How many?
  • Čiji? – Whose?
  • Je li…? – Is it…?
  • Može…? – Can…
  • Hoće…? – Will…
  • Što je ovo? – What is this?
  • Tko je to? – Who is that?
  • Kako je? – How is it?
  • Zašto je? – Why is it?
  • Zašto ovo? – Why this?
  • Što je u…? – What is in…?
  • Gdje je…? – Where is…?
  • Ima li…? – Is there a…?

Numbers in Croatian

Understanding the Croatian numbering system is useful in a wide range of scenarios, especially when it comes to transactions, discussing times, and navigating transportation.

Below is a list of simple numbers along with some larger ones:

  • Nula – 0
  • Jedan – 1
  • Dva – 2
  • Tri – 3
  • Četiri – 4
  • Pet – 5
  • Šest – 6
  • Sedam – 7
  • Osam – 8
  • Devet – 9
  • Deset – 10
  • Jedanaest – 11
  • Dvanaest – 12
  • Trinaest – 13
  • Četrnaest – 14
  • Petnaest – 15
  • Šesnaest – 16
  • Sedamnaest – 17
  • Osamnaest – 18
  • Devetnaest – 19
  • Dvadeset – 20
  • Trideset – 30
  • Četrdeset – 40
  • Pedeset – 50
  • Šezdeset – 60
  • Sedamdeset – 70
  • Osamdeset – 80
  • Devedeset – 90
  • Sto – 100
  • Tisuću – 1,000
  • Deset tisuća – 10,000
  • Sto tisuća – 100,000
  • Milijun – 1,000,000

To create numbers in between these, combine the tens and units. For example:

  • “Twenty-one” is Dvadeset i jedan
  • “Thirty-two” is Trideset i dva

For numbers in the hundreds, thousands, and beyond, you combine the larger number with the smaller. For instance:

  • “One hundred and twenty-three” is Sto dvadeset i tri
  • “Two thousand and nineteen” is Dvije tisuće i devetnaest

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Final Thoughts

Learning even a tiny bit of a local language can make a huge difference in your travel experience, and Croatian is no exception. A few key phrases can go a long way.

I highly recommend making the effort to learn some of these essential words and phrases. Your time in Croatia will be all the better for it, I promise!

I hope this post has been useful. Enjoy Croatia!

Finally, if you want to take your Croatian learning to the next level, take a look at LingoHut.com.

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