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Basic Albanian Phrases For Travel

Learning a few simple Albanian words and phrases can help transform your visit from a fun trip to an unforgettable, authentic experience.

If you’ve spent any time on this blog, you’ll know that Albania is one of my favourite countries in Europe.

Its rugged landscapes and Mediterranean beaches are spectacular. But, interacting with the warm local people is also just as much of a highlight when exploring this beautiful Balkan gem.

This simple guide will equip you with all the Albanian phrases you need. Whether it’s exchanging pleasantries or seeking directions, a little effort goes a long way.

Basic Words in Albanian

Albanian might seem like a difficult language to learn. But, it’s surprisingly easy to get familiar with a few basic words.

Here are some good ones to start with.

  • Përshëndetje – Hello
  • Mirupafshim – Goodbye
  • Faleminderit – Thank you
  • Ju lutem – You’re welcome
  • Të lutem – Please
  • Po – Yes
  • Jo – No
  • Mirëmëngjes – Good morning
  • Mirëmbrëma – Good evening
  • Mirëdita – Good afternoon
  • Më falni – Excuse me
  • Ushqim – Food
  • Ujë – Water
  • Banjo – Bathroom
  • Gëzuar – Cheers (or, Bless you)
Attractive whitewashed buildings in Dhermi village with mountains behind
Photo credit: Abenteuer Albanien

Common Albanian Phrases

Once you’re comfortable with the very basics, it’s time to start progressing onto more complicated phrases.

Mastering these common expressions will provide a wonderful ice-breaker when interacting with the locals.

  • Si jeni? – How are you?
  • Gëzohem që ju takova – Nice to meet you
  • Emri im është… – My name is…
  • Më vjen keq – I’m sorry
  • Më falni – Excuse me
  • A mund të më ndihmoni? – Can you help me?
  • Sa e bukur! – How beautiful!
  • Shihemi – See you
  • Shihemi më vonë – See you later
  • Paç fat! – Good luck!

Basic Albanian Phrases for Travellers

Next, we have some common Albanian phrases that will almost certainly come in handy when you’re travelling around.

  • Kam një rezervim – I have a reservation
  • Ku janë banjot, ju lutem? – Where are the bathrooms, please?
  • _Si shkoj tek __? – How do I get to ___?
  • Sa kushton kjo? – How much is this?
  • A flisni anglisht? – Do you speak English?
  • Jam i/e humbur. A mund të më ndihmoni? – I’m lost. Can you help me?

Useful Albanian Phrases for Information

Just like with any other language, learning a bit of Albanian can greatly enhance your travel experience. The following phrases are useful when it comes to asking for information.

  • Si quhet kjo në shqip? – What is this called in Albanian?
  • A mund të flasësh më ngadalë, ju lutem? – Can you speak slower, please?
  • Nuk flas shumë mirë shqip – I do not speak Albanian very well
  • Nuk kuptoj – I do not understand
  • A mund ta përsërisni, ju lutem? – Can you repeat that please?
  • Kam nevojë për informacion – I need information
  • Ku është zyra e informacionit? – Where is the information office?
  • Çfarë do të thotë kjo? – What does this mean?
  • Sa është ora? – What time is it?
  • Cila është adresa juaj e emailit? – What’s your email address?
  • Si thuhet ____ në shqip? – How do you say ____ in Albanian?
  • Çfarë është kjo/ajo? – What is this/that?
  • A mund të më ndihmoni? – Can you help me?
  • A mund të përdor telefonin tuaj? – Can I use your phone?
Walking along a coastal hiking trail in Albania with mountains, sea, and greenery

Useful Phrases for Directions in Albanian

Navigating your way around a foreign country can be a daunting experience, especially when there’s a language barrier.

Being able to ask for directions (and understand the response!) in Albanian can help avoid the worst of the stress and confusion.

It’s useful to know these phrases in a practical sense. But, it also serves as a respectful gesture towards the locals, showing your effort and willingness to immerse yourself in their culture and language.

When exploring the bustling streets of Tirana or trekking in the Albanian Alps, language can transform your journey.

  • Ku është…? – Where is the…?
  • Si shkoj tek…? – How do I get to…?
  • A mund ta tregoni në hartë? – Can you show me on the map?
  • Shko drejt përpara – Go straight ahead
  • Kthehu djathtas/majtas – Turn right/left
  • Është afër/larg – It’s near/far
  • Është pas këndit – It’s around the corner
  • Në këndin e rrugës – On the corner of the street
  • Ky është këndi – This is the corner
  • Kthehu – Turn around
  • Në kryqëzim – At the intersection
  • Në semafor – At the traffic lights
  • Përtej rrugës – Across the street
  • Në cilën drejtim është…? – Which way is it to…?
  • A mund ta arrij atë me këmbë apo kam nevojë për taksi? – Can I walk there or do I need a taxi?
  • Më lart – Upstairs
  • Më poshtë – Downstairs
  • Më pas – Later

Basic Albanian Words and Phrases for Transportation

When it comes to transportation, knowing some basic phrases can make your journey a whole lot smoother.

Whether you’re at a bus station, hailing a taxi, or hitching a ride, knowing the right words can help you navigate these situations with confidence.

  • Autobus – Bus
  • Makine – Car
  • Bicikletë – Bicycle
  • Fluturim – Flight
  • Anija – Ship
  • Tren – Train
  • Taxi – Taxi
  • Sa kushton bileta? – How much is the ticket?
  • Ku mund të marr një taksi? – Where can I get a taxi?
  • Sa kushton të shkoj tek…? – How much does it cost to go to…?
  • Dua të shkoj tek… – I want to go to…
  • Ku është stacioni i autobusit? – Where is the bus stop?
  • Kur niset treni tjetër? – What time does the next train leave?
  • Sa zgjat të shkoj tek…? – How long does it take to get to…?
  • Si shkoj në aeroport? – How do I get to the airport?
  • A shkon ky autobus tek…? – Does this bus go to…?
  • Kam nevojë për biletë të kthimit – I need a round trip ticket
  • Ku blej biletat? – Where do I buy tickets?
  • Jam i/e humbur. A mund të më ndihmoni? – I’m lost. Can you help me?
  • Ku është stacioni i trenit? – Where is the train station?
  • A mund të më tregoni rrugën për në aeroport? – Can you show me the way to the airport?
  • A mund të më çoni në këtë adresë? – Can you take me to this address?
  • A është ky autobusi drejt plazhit? – Is this bus headed to the beach?
  • Ku ndalet ky tren? – Where does this train stop?

Basic Albanian Phrases About Accommodation

Navigating the world of accommodation in a foreign country can be challenging. The following Albanian phrases about accommodation should help.

Whether you’re booking a room, asking for facilities, or discussing the cost, these phrases can serve as valuable tools to bridge any communication gap you may encounter.

Picking the right words when talking about accommodation can make the difference between having your needs understood and finding yourself in a game of charades!

  • Keni ndonjë dhomë në dispozicion? – Do you have any rooms available?
  • Sa kushton për natë? – How much does it cost per night?
  • A është mëngjesi përfshirë në çmim? – Is breakfast included in the price?
  • Kam nevojë për një dhomë dopio – I need a double room
  • A ka dhoma me dy shtretër? – Is there a room with two beds?
  • A ka Wi-Fi falas? – Is there free Wi-Fi?
  • A ka fryma pastruese? – Is there air conditioning?
  • Ku është ashensori? – Where is the elevator?
  • Ku është salla e fitnesit? – Where is the gym?
  • Dua të rezervoj një dhomë – I would like to book a room
  • A ka shërbim në dhomë? – Is there room service?
  • Dhoma është e pisët – The room is dirty
  • Ndihem i/e sigurt në këtë hotel – I feel safe in this hotel
  • A keni një adaptues prizash? – Do you have a plug adaptor?
  • Dua një dhomë me pamje të bukur – I want a room with a nice view
  • A ka kasafortë në dhomë? – Is there a safe in the room?
  • A mund të më zgjoni në ora 7 të mëngjesit? – Can you wake me up at 7 a.m.?
  • Kam nevojë për një krevat fëmijësh – I need a crib for the baby
  • Cila është ora e lëvizjes? – What’s the check-out time?

Helpful Albanian Phrases for Shopping

I love visiting local markets when I’m in Albania. They’re usually the best places to pick up fresh fruit, vegetables, and other local produce.

However, many market vendors don’t speak much (if any) English. Knowing a few Albanian words and phrases can make all the difference.

  • Po kërkoj për… – I am looking for…
  • Sa kushton kjo? – How much does it cost?
  • A ka ndonjë ulje çmimi? – Is there any discount?
  • Sa është zbritja? – How much is the discount?
  • Është shumë e shtrenjtë – That’s too expensive
  • A mund ta ulni çmimin? – Can you lower the price?
  • A mund të paguaj me kartë krediti? – Can I pay with a credit card?
  • Vetëm me para në dorë – Cash only
  • A e keni këtë në madhësi më të madhe? – Do you have this in a larger size?
  • A e keni këtë në një ngjyrë tjetër? – Do you have this in another colour?
  • Dua ta kthej këtë – I want to return this
  • Ku janë dhomat e provës? – Where are the fitting rooms?
  • Më falni, ku është supermarketi? – Excuse me, where’s the supermarket?
  • Ku është dyqani i rrobave? – Where’s the clothing store?
  • Më duhet një çantë – I need a bag
  • Ku mund të gjej produkter vendas? – Where can I find local products?

Helpful Phrases for Dining Out in Albania

For me, trying the local food is a massive part of travelling and exploring different cultures.

When venturing out into the world of Albanian cuisine, knowing a few key phrases can make your dining experience much more enjoyable and authentic.

It allows you to navigate menus, interact with the people, and appreciate the food culture in Albania. And if you have any allergies or other dietary requirements, it’s even more important.

Here are some of the most useful Albanian phrases for dining out.

  • A mund të marr një tavolinë për dy? – Can I get a table for two?
  • A mund ta shoh menunë, ju lutem? – Can you please show me the menu?
  • Cili është gjellë e ditës? – What is the dish of the day?
  • Unë do të doja… – I would like…
  • A mund të më sugjeroni diçka? – Could you suggest something for me?
  • Çfarë këshillon për të ngrënë? – What do you recommend to eat?
  • Jam alergjik ndaj… – I’m allergic to…
  • A përmban kjo gjellë…? – Does this dish contain…?
  • A keni opsione vegjetariane/vegane? – Do you have vegetarian/vegan options?
  • Nuk ha mish/peshk/prodhime qumështi – I don’t eat meat/fish/dairy
  • A është kjo e përshtatshme për vegetarianët? – Is this suitable for vegetarians?
  • Çfarë është kjo? – What is this?
  • Më pelqen – I like it
  • A mund ta kem faturën, ju lutem? – Can I have the bill, please?
  • Ishte shumë e shijshme! Faleminderit – It was delicious! Thank you

Albanian Question Words

As with most languages, it’s important to learn the key question words (who, what, when, where, etc.).

These come in handy in a wide range of real-life scenarios and can help you to have more meaningful and interactive conversations.

  • Si – How
  • Pse – Why
  • Kur – When
  • Kush – Who
  • Çfarë – What
  • Ku – Where
  • Sa – How much/How many
  • Cilin – Which
  • A është – Is it
  • A mund – Can
  • A do – Will
  • Ç’është Kjo? – What is this?
  • Kush është ai? – Who is that?
  • Kur është? – When is it?
  • Si është? – How is it?
  • Pse kjo? – Why this?
  • Çfarë është në …? – What is in …?
  • Ku është …? – Where is …?
  • A ekziston një …? – Is there a …?

Numbers in Albanian

Understanding the Albanian numbering system is also extremely useful, especially when it comes to transactions, discussing times, and navigating transportation.

Below is a list of simple numbers along with some larger ones:

  • Zero – 0
  • Një – 1
  • Dy – 2
  • Tre – 3
  • Katër – 4
  • Pesë – 5
  • Gjashtë – 6
  • Shtatë – 7
  • Tetë – 8
  • Nëntë – 9
  • Dhjetë – 10
  • Njëmbëdhjetë – 11
  • Dymbëdhjetë – 12
  • Trembëdhjetë – 13
  • Katërmbëdhjetë – 14
  • Pesëmbëdhjetë – 15
  • Gjashtëmbëdhjetë – 16
  • Shtatëmbëdhjetë – 17
  • Tetëmbëdhjetë – 18
  • Nëntëmbëdhjetë – 19
  • Njëzet – 20
  • Tridhjetë – 30
  • Dyzet – 40
  • Pesëdhjetë – 50
  • Gjashtëdhjetë – 60
  • Shtatëdhjetë – 70
  • Tetëdhjetë – 80
  • Nëntëdhjetë – 90
  • Njëqind – 100
  • Një mijë – 1,000
  • Dhjetë mijë – 10,000
  • Njëqind mijë – 100,000
  • Një milion – 1,000,000

To form numbers between these, you combine the tens and the units.

For example:

  • “Twenty-one” is Njëzet e një (20 + 1)
  • “Thirty-two” is Tridhjetë e dy (30 + 2)

For numbers in the hundreds, you simply state the hundreds followed by the tens and units.

So, “one hundred and twenty-three” is Njëqind e njëzet e tre.

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Final Thoughts

Language is an integral part of all cultures. Being able to communicate in the local language, even if it’s just basic phrases, can really transform your experience as a tourist or visitor.

I hope the Albanian words and phrases you’ve learned from this post help you connect with the locals and make your trip even more rewarding.

With some practice and dedication, you’ll be able to put together simple conversations in no time. You will definitely make a positive impression and maybe even become the life of the party!

Finally, if you want to take your Albanian learning to the next level, there are some great resources on mezzoguild.com.

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