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9 Best Hiriketiya Hotels in 2024

Belika Beach Club, Clics Coliving & Coworking, and Sand Dollar House are three of the best hotels in Hiriketiya. I’ve provided a detailed review of each of these, and a few other excellent options, below.

Hiriketiya is one of my favourite places in Sri Lanka. I recently spent over a month living in this enchanting paradise and fell totally in love with the place.

Far from the crowds that flock to other destinations in southwest Sri Lanka (like Unawatuna and Mirissa), this little gem of a town has managed to retain its unspoiled beauty despite gaining popularity in recent years.

My Top 3 Picks

#1 Top Pick


Belika Beach Club

✅ Best hotel in Hiriketiya

✅ Gorgeous pool with sea view

✅ Delicious food (especially the crepes!)

#2 Pick

Clics Coliving & Coworking

✅ Tranquil grounds

✅ Great coworking space

✅ Excellent bar

#3 Pick

Sand Dollar House

✅ Best budget option

✅ Breakfast included

✅ Air conditioning

Whether you’re looking for luxurious beachfront resorts, cosy boutique hotels, or budget-friendly guesthouses, Hiriketiya has a great range of accommodation options.

I’ve personally visited each of the following hotels/guesthouses (and have also stayed at a few of them). They’re all great, and I’m sure one of them will be perfect for you.


1. Belika Beach Club

⭐️ RATING: 9.8/10 | 📍 LOCATION: Hiriketiya Beach Road, Belikatuwella, 81200 Hiriketiya

Belika Beach Club is not only the best hotel in Hiriketiya but also one of my favourite hotels in Sri Lanka. Owned by a French/Turkish couple, the hotel exudes a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.

It’s a bit tucked away from the main stretch, and I only found out about this place after some friends recommended it to me. But from the moment I first arrived, everything about the place felt perfect.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time at Belika Beach Club, enjoying its many offerings. The infinity pool, beautifully shaped and overlooking the waves, provides a breathtaking view.

It’s supremely relaxing to float about in the pool while gazing out at the mesmerizing ocean. The design of the entire property is simply gorgeous too, with a funky and artistic touch that adds to its charm.


Located just a 5-minute walk away from the main Hiriketiya Bay, Belika Beach Club is a tranquil oasis. The setting is incredible, and the nicely landscaped garden further enhances the overall experience.

The attention to detail in the design of the buildings and the garden is evident, and it helps create a unique and captivating ambience.

While Belika is one of the pricier hotels in Hiriketiya, I think the quality of the overall experience and the amenities provided more than justify the cost.


The owners are incredibly friendly and welcoming. The food here is exceptional too, especially the French crepes (which are made authentically by a Frenchman).

During my time in Hiriketiya, Belika became my go-to place to chill out and relax while watching the mesmerizing waves. It’s a real hidden gem that offers a quiet and serene escape.


Belika is definitely my favourite hotel in Hiriketiya. The warm hospitality, stunning views, and impeccable design make it a truly special place.

I’d 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a memorable and luxurious stay in Hiriketiya. I would live here permanently if I could. For real.


2. Clics Coliving & Coworking

⭐️ RATING: 9.6/10 | 📍 LOCATION: Hiriketiya Beach Rd, Dikwella

Clics is a “hostel-inspired” coliving and coworking space that’s less than a 5 minutes walk from Hiriketiya beach.

It’s one of the best mid-range places to stay in Hiriketiya and offers both king-sized private rooms and 4-bed shared dorm-style rooms. The rooms are all comfortable, spacious, and the whole place has a super chilled and relaxed vibe.

It’s worth noting that they don’t provide hair dryers in the rooms, which might be a small inconvenience for some guests. However, this is a minor drawback compared to the overall amazing experience offered by this place.

The garden at Clics is a tranquil oasis that’s lush and well-maintained, offering a perfect place to work, meet people, or simply hang out and chill. I particularly like the comfortable outdoor couches and the funky bar made from an old tuk-tuk.

In terms of amenities, Clics has a fantastic air-conditioned coworking space with fast and reliable Wi-Fi, making it an ideal place for digital nomads and remote workers.

If you’re planning to stay for a longer period, they also have a communal kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.

The owners, Deb and G, are especially warm and welcoming and will make you feel right at home. And the care that’s gone into the design and furnishings adds a special touch to the overall experience.

They also do some really delicious food and everything is served with beautiful presentation. The Italian focaccia is amazing, as are the signature cocktails.

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, work, or just enjoy the beauty of Southern Sri Lanka, Clics is a great choice.

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3. Dots Bay House

⭐️ RATING: 8.3/10 | 📍 LOCATION: Hiriketiya Beach, 81200 Hiriketiya

Dots Bay House is another of my favourite places in Hiriketiya and I came here to work most days that I was living there.

It’s a stylish beachfront spot that offers private rooms, suites, bungalows, and also a mixed dorm for budget travellers.

The dorm is actually one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. Each guest has their own separate private cubicle that feels like a little room within a room (see below photo).


Dots is an all-in-one kind of place and also has a restaurant, bar, live music venue, multiple chillout spaces, yoga studio, and even a coworking space.

It’s spread out over a fairly large area, and everything is beautifully landscaped, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. It’s a true oasis where you can unwind, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you.

There’s a large outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a serene garden and plenty of sun loungers where you can enjoy the sun in peace and quiet.

Each room is tastefully decorated and has all the amenities you need, including air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and free WiFi. The bathrooms are modern and come with complimentary toiletries.

Their food is fantastic – especially the egg hoppers – and they do decent coffee too. The bar also has draft beer, which is pretty rare in most small towns in Sri Lanka. (It’s still only Lion beer, but the stuff is nicer on draft than in cans!)


Dots hosts regular live music events, and the bar has a great atmosphere most evenings. They even have an outdoor pool table.

It’s quiet and calm here during the daytime but can get quite lively and fun at night. This might be an issue for people who go to bed early and are looking for a quiet spot, so bear this in mind.

Every member of the team working at Dots is incredibly friendly, attentive, and welcoming. Their warmth and helpfulness made every visit a memorable one and I was genuinely sad to say goodbye at the end of my time there.

Big shout out to Jay the manager – that man is a legend.

I also really like the plastic-free ethos here. They provide reusable glass water bottles, filtered drinking water, and don’t use any plastic straws, cups, or utensils.

If you’re looking for a fun-loving, convenient, and comfortable place to stay in Hiriketiya with all the modern amenities, Dots Bay House is definitely worth checking out!

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4. Jasper House

⭐️ RATING: 7.4/10 | 📍 LOCATION: Hiriketiya Bay, 81000 Hiriketiya

Jasper House was where I stayed the first time I came to Hiriketiya. My partner organised an amazing secret weekend trip there for my birthday, and this hotel will always have a special place in my heart.

There’s one important thing to bear in mind with Jasper House: their rooms were not all created equal. Some of them are much better than others, even though (strangely) they all cost the same.

It’s a fantastic boutique hotel, but you definitely want to stay in one of their upstairs corner rooms, and ideally, one that faces towards the palms and the sea, not the road. On Booking.com, select “Deluxe Room with Partial Ocean & Palm View”.

These rooms have an “open-air” design, and two walls are lined with shutters that fully open up to make you feel like you’re sleeping out in nature. Only you’re in a huge, comfortable 4-poster bed with soft sheets.


These rooms also have super outdoor bathrooms and you can take a luxuriously long hot shower while looking out over the palms and to the sea.

They don’t have A/C, but you don’t really need it as the open walls let in a beautiful ocean breeze and there’s a powerful overhead fan too.

If you’d prefer to have A/C, opt for one of the downstairs rooms. These are closer to the pool, although they don’t have the open-air design so aren’t anywhere near as special in my view.


The breakfast at Jasper House is great. I ordered the traditional Sri Lankan option, which was delicious, but also received the Western-style toast, jam, and omelette too.

(I couldn’t quite figure out whether or not this was just because it was my birthday!)

This place doesn’t have the best reviews online, but I don’t think this is deserved at all. The staff are great and the rooms are super. I’d definitely stay there again.

I had a wonderful time staying there and I’m sure you would too.


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5. Sand Dollar House

⭐️ RATING: 9.8/10 | 📍 LOCATION: Samagi Road, Dodampahala, 81200

Sand Dollar House is one of the most highly-rated guesthouses in Hiriketiya and offers truly excellent value for money.

This budget-friendly option gives you access to a garden, a terrace, and a shared kitchen, providing all the essentials for a comfortable stay.

The property itself is beautifully designed, offering a relaxing atmosphere and a great location. Set back from the busier areas of Hiriketiya, it’s still just a short stroll from the main beach.

The air-conditioned rooms create a cool oasis from the tropical heat. The well-equipped kitchen, which includes a fridge and dishwasher, adds to the convenience of this lovely accommodation.

Some of the rooms are a little on the dark side, although the attractive outdoor space (not to mention the low price) more than makes up for it.

The hosts, Gayashan and Roshani, go above and beyond to ensure that their guests have a memorable stay, and they will make you feel incredibly welcome. They also have a couple of cute dogs that are friendly and well-behaved.

Breakfast is included in the room rate and is freshly prepared and very tasty.

With its beautiful setting, exceptional hospitality, and perfect location, Sand Dollar House is a great place to stay for anyone looking for a memorable getaway in Hiriketiya on a budget.

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6. Emma Sea View

⭐️ RATING: 8/10 | 📍 LOCATION: Hiriketiya Road 122, Dickwella 81200

I stayed at Emma Sea View for the majority of the time during my month in Hiriketiya. It’s owned and managed by a lovely guy called Shan who lives next door and is super helpful.

There are a few different styles of rooms here.

The biggest and nicest ones are definitely the family rooms. There are three of these (I stayed in the middle one – it’s ace), and they each have a large terrace with a table and chairs (and power outlets – ideal for outdoor working!).


The beds are comfy, there’s a sofa, coffee table, a good-size bathroom, and loads of natural light. I used to love sitting on the terrace listening to the waves and the birdsong, and watching monkeys playing in the swaying palms.

One of my favourite things about this place is the large garden that goes (almost) all the way down to the sea. If you’re a surfer, you can jump out of bed and head down to do a wave check in less than a minute.

There are a number of other standard rooms too (listed as “Deluxe” and “Budget” on Booking.com) although these are much smaller and darker. They’d be fine for solo budget travellers but might be a bit cramped if there are two of you.

Note that none of the rooms at Emma Sea View have A/C. The family rooms have high ceilings and a powerful ceiling fan which helps to keep them cool. I was never too hot in the night, but it’s worth bearing in mind.


I miss this place a lot and often find myself thinking of it. If you do stay here, give Emma the dog a cuddle from me – she’s wonderful.

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7. Salt House

⭐️ RATING: 9.1/10 | 📍 LOCATION: Hiriketiya Road, 81200 Hiriketiya

Salt House is a superb mid-range hotel in Hiriketiya. It’s ideally located just a few minutes walk from the main beach and within easy walking distance of all of the town’s most popular bars and restaurants.

One of the standout features of Salt House is the impressive range of facilities and amenities available to guests. It has a good-sized pool, with a pool bar and an attractive shared terrace and lounge area.

Salt House offers all guests free yoga classes in their beautiful yoga studio (a huge benefit), as well as free surfboard rental. A delicious breakfast is also included in the standard rate.

The rooms are comfortable, stylish, and thoughtfully decorated. I particularly love their open-air bathrooms (I’m a big fan of open-air bathrooms, in case you hadn’t figured) with their powerful showers and tranquil jungle views.

The food, smoothies, drinks, and coffee served at Salt House are all consistently excellent, which further enhances the overall experience. Everything is made to order, and all meals are fresh and delicious.

To top it all off, the level of service at Salt House is truly exceptional.

The staff are always happy to provide recommendations for excursions, local restaurants, and help you arrange transportation or anything else that you need.

It’s not the cheapest place to stay in Hiriketiya. But when you factor in what’s included and what you get for your money, it’s actually very good value. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Hiriketiya.

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8. Le Cabanon

⭐️ RATING: 9.3/10 | 📍 LOCATION: Temple Road, Hiriketiya, 81200 Dickwella

Located just a 2-minute walk from the beautiful beach, Le Cabanon is a stylish and serene boutique hotel in Hiriketiya.

It offers an unbeatable combination of location, aesthetics, and comfort for anyone seeking a relaxing and luxurious retreat.

Everything is very high-quality here, from the furniture and decorations to the mattresses and the food.

The rooms are comfortable, clean, and beautifully decorated with tasteful furnishings and thoughtful touches. There’s loads of natural light and the jungle views are enchanting.

There are potted plants everywhere and a lush jungle garden. For longer-term guests, there’s even a small kitchen that you can use.

The hotel is also conveniently located near Kingsley Hot, which is my favourite traditional Sri Lankan home-cooking restaurant in Hiriketiya.

This place is seriously delicious, and cheap, although you need to make a reservation in advance.

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9. Wilson’s Place

⭐️ RATING: 9.5/10 | 📍 LOCATION: Matara Gedara, Belikatuwella, 81200 Dikwella

Wilson’s Place is a superb guesthouse. It’s priced between budget and mid-range, and is really amazing value for money considering how nice it is.

Owned by a local family, the guesthouse has a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s tucked away between Hiriketiya Bay and Nilwella (a 5-minute walk to both) and offers a tranquil escape from the main tourist area.

The rooms are beautiful, spacious, and spotlessly clean, featuring high ceilings, gorgeous woodwork, and a pleasing layout.

The attention to detail is evident, and the overall design creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

Each room has a large bathroom, a fridge, and a big comfy bed. In fact, several guests have commented in the online reviews of this place that the beds here are some of the comfiest they’ve slept on in Sri Lanka.


The gorgeous and well-maintained garden creates a serene and peaceful environment.

You’re likely to spot various tropical birds, monkeys playing in the trees, and a range of other local wildlife as you enjoy your breakfast.

The owners are incredibly friendly and welcoming. They provide an exceptional level of hospitality and make you feel like part of their extended family.

Whether you’re a surfer, beach lover, or simply looking for a relaxing getaway, this is a real hidden gem and a truly special place.

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Hiriketiya Villas

If you’re looking for somewhere a little larger, there are several excellent villas in Hiriketiya that you can rent.


Some of these are large and luxurious, others are much more simple.

Here are a few good Hiriketiya Villas:


Is Hiriketiya worth visiting?

Hiriketiya is a beautiful place and is definitely worth visiting!

Its pristine sandy beach is tucked away in a perfect horseshoe-shaped bay, framed by lush palm trees. There’s a surf break that’s ideal for all levels, with a fun point break for experienced surfers and a mellow beach break for beginners.

The crystal-clear, warm, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean here are fairly sheltered, so it’s also perfect for swimming. There are many fantastic restaurants and bars, and the town’s sleepy, laidback vibe is seriously infectious.

Hiriketiya’s central-southern location also makes it a perfect place to base yourself to explore more of the surrounding area.


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about the best places to stay in Hiriketiya.

What are the most popular hotels near Hiriketiya Beach?

Clics Coliving & Coworking and Dots Bay House are two of the most popular hotels near Hiriketiya Beach.

What hotels near Hiriketiya Beach have the best views?

Belika Beach Club, Emma Sea View, and Jasper House all have amazing views.

What are the best Hiriketiya hotels?

Belika Beach Club is the best Hiriketiya hotel overall. Clics is great for digital nomads and Sand Dollar House is an amazing budget option.

What is the price range for hotels in Hiriketiya?

Hotel prices can vary a lot depending on the time of year and availability. However, generally speaking, budget rooms start at around $20 USD per night. For more luxurious hotels you can expect to pay upwards of $100 USD per night.

Are there any all-inclusive resorts in Hiriketiya?

No, there aren’t any all-inclusive resorts in Hiriketiya itself. However, just down the road, Dickwella Resort and Spa is an excellent all-inclusive luxury resort.

🤩 Belika Beach Club is the best hotel in Hiriketiya

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Final Thoughts

Hiriketiya is an incredibly beautiful destination and one that I can’t wait to return to. It also has some really great hotels and guesthouses.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious hotel or something more budget-friendly, there’s sure to be somewhere here that’s perfect for you.

I hope this post has helped you decide where to stay in Hiriketiya. I know the place pretty well, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!


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