Romania Travel Guide


Romania is one of the most captivating, undiscovered countries in Europe.

Travelling in Romania often feels like stepping into a time warp.  In large parts of the country, the pace of life hasn’t changed much for centuries.  Horse-drawn carts bump along dirt roads, farmers scythe their crops by hand, and giant haystacks stand proudly outside ancient wooden villages.

The central region of Transylvania is a gorgeous green land, dotted with mysterious castles and wooden churches.  Rolling hills and valleys are covered by thick forests, lush pastures, and meadows bursting with wildflowers.  

The perfectly preserved medieval towns of Sighişoara (legendary home of Vlad the Impaler – AKA Count Dracula)Braşov, and Sibiu feel like places straight out of a fairytale, with their colourful streets, iconic Saxon architecture, and ornate fortifications.


Outside of the main population centres, you’ll find vast stretches of unspoiled wilderness, where eagles soar overhead and animals roam freely.

Don’t miss the epic Transfăgărășan Highway, which snakes its way up and over the towering Transylvanian Alps, and is often named the best driving road in the world.

The Danube Delta – the largest river delta wetland in Europe – is peppered with tiny traditional settlements, reachable only by boat.  Further along the Black Sea coast you’ll find a range of seaside resorts, from (overrated) all-inclusives to (awesome) bohemian spots with summer-long festival vibes.

Fans of wild, untouched beauty, head into the rugged Carpathian mountains.  This epic range offers some of the most spectacular hiking trails on the whole continent.  It’s also home to Europe’s largest populations of bears and wolves.

There are so many reasons to explore this fantastic country.


Approximate Area: 238,000 km2
Approximate Population: 19 million
Currency: Leu
Official Language: Romanian
International Dialling Code: + 40
Drives on the: Right

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