Portugal Travel Guide


There’s a lot to love about Portugal.  This Iberian nation is blessed with a wild, rugged coastline, gorgeous sun-kissed beaches, rolling hills, lush valleys, hilltop castles, ancient terraced vineyards, and year-round sunshine.

Add to this deliciously fresh and high-quality food, vibrant markets, superb wine, and relatively affordable prices (at least by Western European standards), and you have a dream travel destination.


Portugal’s two largest cities are very different – but equally captivating.

Lisbon’s hilly cobbled streets, ancient trams, atmospheric bars and beautiful architecture give the capital a unique feel.  

Porto, rising steeply from the banks of the Douro River, is cool, colourful and quirky, with its six towering, iconic bridges, bohemian cafes, and beautiful waterfront.

The Portuguese countryside is also stunning.  Traditional towns and picturesque villages dot the landscape.  

Wine lovers should head straight to the Douro Valley, where you can sample its exceptional wine, as well as learn about the unique history and production methods of this world-famous region.  

Elsewhere, outdoor adventure is never far away.  You’ll find no shortage of world-class surf spots, hiking and mountain biking trails, rivers to paddle, shipwrecks to dive, and ancient ruins to discover.


Approximate Area: 92,000 km2
Approximate Population: 10 million
Currency: Euro
Official Language: Portuguese
International Dialling Code: + 351
Drives on the: Right

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