New Zealand

New Zealand Travel Guide


Ahh, New Zealand.  This remote country in the south-western Pacific Ocean is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

From the subtropical island paradises of the Northland region to the glaciers and immense fjords of the South Island, New Zealand’s scenery is diverse and spectacular.  

Dramatic mountain landscapes, impossibly picturesque lakes, lush forests, smoking volcanoes, thermal springs, stunning beaches – there’s a reason so many movies are shot here.

Kiwis love the great outdoors.  As well as being the adrenaline capital of the world, the whole country is well geared up for outdoor adventure.  

Incredible hiking trails, skiing, sailing, mountain biking, canoeing, diving, ice climbing… the opportunities for outdoor adventure here are practically limitless.


Contemporary Māori culture is a vibrant and important part of everyday life in New Zealand, influencing the country’s cuisine, art, and even language.  The “Land of the Long White Cloud” (Aotearoa) is also one of the cleanest, greenest countries in the world.

New Zealand is a perfect destination for a road trip.  There is a decent public transport network, but the best way to see the country in all of its glory is to hire a car or campervan.  

There’s a lot to love about New Zealand.  It’s definitely worth the long flight.


Approximate Area:268,000 km2
Approximate Population:5.1 million
Currency:New Zealand dollar
Official Language(s):English;  Maori;  NZ Sign Language
International Dialling Code:+ 64
Drives on the:Left

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