Kenya Travel Guide


When most people think of Kenya, they think of safari.  True, Kenya’s vast savannahs are some of the best places in the world to see African wildlife.  But that’s only a tiny fraction of what this fantastic country has to offer.  

Kenya is an extremely diverse place, both physically and in its people.  Lush, fertile highlands, untouched forests, rolling tea plantations, arid plains, the lakes and volcanoes of the Great Rift Valley, and over 1,400 km of stunning tropical Indian Ocean coastline.  

Kenya is also very multicultural, with over 40 ethnic groups.  The country’s Indian influence is seen clearly in the food:  biryanis and chapatis are commonly found alongside the stews and grilled meat that are usually associated with African cuisine.


Kenya is, mostly, a very safe and easy country to travel in.  It has a decent transport network and a range of accommodation options and activities for any budget.  There’s something for everyone to enjoy here.


Approximate Area: 580,000 km2
Approximate Population: 53 million
Currency: Kenyan shilling
Official Language(s): Swahili;  English
International Dialling Code: + 254
Drives on the: Left

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