Kazakhstan Travel Guide


Forget everything you think you know about Kazakhstan.

The 9th largest country on Earth (and the world’s largest landlocked country) is about as different from the “Kazakhstan” of the Borat movies as it’s possible to be.

Kazakhstan is the most economically developed country in Central Asia.  It has modern, leafy cities, efficient infrastructure, a wealth of natural resources, and a booming economy.  Added to the mix is a rich history strongly influenced by the ancient Silk Road, making this a fascinating place to explore.


Kazakhstan is a truly vast country, spanning from the Caspian Sea to the mountains of Western China.  South of the Siberian plains, and north of the deserts of Central Asia, Kazakhstan occupies a massive chunk of the atlas.

The potential for tourism here is enormous, but currently untapped.  Stunning snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, beautiful canyonsendless steppebarren deserts, modern cosmopolitan cities, and ancient nomadic cultures – you’ll find all this and more.

If you’re looking to explore an epic country that’s well off the beaten path, look no further than Kazakhstan.


Approximate Area:2.7 million km2
Approximate Population:19 million
Official Language(s):Kazakh;  Russian
International Dialling Code:+ 7
Drives on the:Right

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