Israel Travel Guide


Israel is a beautiful, deeply complicated country.

A tiny slice of land, unimaginably important to a huge range of people, Israel is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Its two largest cities, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, couldn’t be more different.  

The holy city of Jerusalem is a surreal, ancient place packed full of sacred sites, historical ruins, golden domes, towers, and sprawling bazaars.  

Tel Aviv is a modern, liberal, hedonistic beachside city, where people live for today and mostly anything goes.

For a country so small, Israel has extremely diverse landscapes.  A paradise for outdoorsy types, here you’ll find lush green valleys, arid deserts, jagged mountains, and stunning Mediterranean beaches.  

Nature lovers will also appreciate the incredible variety of wildlife.


It’s impossible to visit Israel without experiencing some of the country’s complex politics.  That’s no bad thing.  

All visitors should make a point of educating themselves more about the current situation here.  Challenge yourself to see beyond any preconceptions you might have.

The political situation between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories is deeply tragic.  Neither side lacks blame.  But this shouldn’t stop you from exploring what is undoubtedly one of the most incredible countries on the planet.


Approximate Area: 22,000 km2
Approximate Population: 8.7 million
Currency: New shekel
Official Language: Hebrew
International Dialling Code: + 972
Drives on the: Right

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