India Travel Guide


India is HUGE.  There are more incredible things to see and do in this country than probably anywhere else on the planet.

India is one of the most varied countries in the world.  Towering Himalayan peaks, burning deserts, leafy jungles, picturesque hill stationsover 7,500 kilometres of coastline, sprawling megacitiesvast tropical reefs… you’ll find them all here, plus a lot more.  

It’s also extremely diverse ethnically and culturally, with thousands of languages spoken and some of the oldest human civilisations surviving today.

The largest democracy on Earth is also a rising economic powerhouse that is becoming ever more important on the international stage.


Travelling in India can be frustrating, tiring, and at times heartbreaking.  But it’s an incredible place, and somewhere I know I will always keep coming back to.  You’d need many lifetimes of travelling to even come close to experiencing all that this country has to offer.

I think everybody should experience travelling in India at least once in their lives.


Approximate Area: 3.3 million km2
Approximate Population: 1.4 billion
Currency: Indian rupee
Official Language(s): Hindi; English (+ 21 other “Scheduled” regional languages)
International Dialling Code: + 91
Drives on the: Left

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