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For a small country in an often-overlooked corner of Europe, Estonia packs a huge punch.

Ever since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Estonia has transformed itself into a progressive, technologically-advanced country with a very high standard of living.  

Often described as the Silicon Valley of EuropeEstonia is home to more start-ups than any other country in Europe per capita.  It also has one of the highest adult literacy rates (99.8%) in the world.

Tallinn, the capital, is a place where old meets new.  The incredibly picturesque Old Town is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world.  Tallinn is also home to some incredible restaurants, and has a thriving bar and cafe scene.


For such a high-tech society, Estonians also love spending time in nature – and there’s a lot of it here.  Estonia is one of the least densely populated countries in Europe, with more than 50% of it covered by dense forest.  

Traditional Estonian food often incorporates naturally foraged local ingredients – including rye, birch, and sea buckthorn – and the country’s rich folk culture is intertwined with the natural world.

Culturally, Estonia shares quite a bit with its Scandinavian and Nordic neighbours to the north-west.  

The Estonian language has a lot in common with Finnish, and Estonians are quick to point out that Estonia is part of northern (not eastern!) Europe.


Approximate Area: 45,000 km2
Approximate Population: 1.3 million
Currency: Euro
Official Language: Estonian
International Dialling Code: + 372
Drives on the: Right

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