Cuba Travel Guide


There’s nowhere else quite like Cuba.  

The land of Fidel Castro is known for its cigars, classic cars, rum, and revolutionaries.  But this amazing Caribbean nation offers so much more to see and experience.  

From beautiful, untouched beaches, fascinating history, unique scenery and architecture, to its warm and welcoming people.  Cuba is an incredible place.


And then there’s the music.  

As well as salsa, Cuba is the birthplace of son Cubano – an irresistible and unique blend of Spanish and African music (think Buena Vista Social Club).  You’ll hear music almost everywhere you go, and spontaneous dance parties can spring up anywhere, at any time.

Cuba is an amazing country, and one that everybody should visit at least once.


Approximate Area:110,000 km2
Approximate Population:11 million
Currency:Peso / Convertible peso
Official Language:Spanish
International Dialling Code:+ 53
Drives on the:Right

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