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Ultimate Yucatán Backpacking Travel Guide (2022)

Welcome to the ultimate Yucatán backpacking guide. The Yucatán peninsula, in southern Mexico, is a real backpacker paradise.  It’s a pretty big place, with stunning white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, incredible coral reefs with world-class diving, ancient Mayan temples, thick jungle, beautiful colonial towns, and a vibrant fun-loving culture.


Ultimate Guide To Visiting Cascadas Roberto Barrios In Chiapas

The area around Palenque, Chiapas is home to several of the most spectacular and beautiful waterfalls in Mexico.  Of all of these, Cascadas Roberto Barrios is by far my favourite. Much less busy than some of the other waterfalls in the area (such as Agua Azul and Misol Ha), Roberto


Boca Del Cielo, Chiapas: An Unspoilt Pacific Paradise

The phrase “hidden gem” is a little too overused in my opinion.  However, Boca del Cielo, Chiapas is definitely a hidden gem. Mexico’s southernmost state of Chiapas has a lot to offer.  Stunning mountain scenery, deep gorges, thick jungles, spectacular waterfalls (like Cascadas Roberto Barrios), atmospheric colonial towns, mystical Mayan


Carlsbad Caverns Big Room: The Most Amazing Cave

Deep beneath the Chihuahuan Desert, in south-east New Mexico, lies one of the most incredible natural spectacles I have ever seen.   Carlsbad Caverns Big Room is a truly enormous underground cave, full of beautiful limestone formations and underground lakes. Stalactites and stalagmites in the Big Room, Carlsbad Caverns The cave