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Vama Veche: Bohemian Party Town On The Black Sea (2024)

Vama Veche is legendary in Romania. During the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, this tiny village on the country’s southern Black Sea coast was a haven for artists, intellectuals, hippies, bohemians and other dissidents. They came here to escape from life under their repressive communist government. It’s where people went to be


The Perfect Albania Road Trip: This Place Is Epic! (UPDATED 2024)

In this post, I’ll help you plan the perfect Albania road trip. I’ve been to Albania several times and know most parts of the country pretty well. Last year I lived there for almost 2 months. It’s one of my absolute favourite countries with much to offer. In this little


Top 3 Best Walks In North London: A Guide (2024)

Leafy North London has some of the best walks in the capital.  Best of all, many are well-connected and easily accessible by public transport. I lived in North London for over 6 years and have explored almost every corner on foot.  This post describes a few of my favourite self-guided