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Backpacking In Somaliland: Something A Bit Different

Yes, backpacking in Somaliland is totally possible.  With a bit of planning, patience, and an open mind, you can explore this fascinating self-declared state in the Horn of Africa very safely.   Somaliland will probably surprise you.  It’s definitely one of the most memorable places I have travelled to. First things first. 


Backpacking Kenya: The Ultimate Guide

People often associate Kenya with luxury (and pricey) all-inclusive safari holidays.  However, there are plenty of opportunities for exploring this amazing country on a budget.   Read on for the ultimate guide to backpacking Kenya. Kenya is, without a doubt, one of the most popular destinations in Africa.  And for good


Ethiopia Itinerary: An Epic Road Trip Like No Other

Ethiopia will blow your mind.  There’s nowhere else quite like it.  Forget the images you might recall from Live Aid.  The following Ethiopia itinerary will give you a sense of just how varied and amazing this country is. It’s a vast place with staggering beauty, dramatic landscapes and ancient cultures.  The


Beautiful Places In Namibia: My Favourites

Namibia is a seriously stunning country.  If you are a fan of wide open spaces, spectacular, unique scenery and just getting “away from it all”, you’ll love Namibia.  There are more beautiful places in Namibia than I could include in this post.  But here are some of my favourites. It’s