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rocky mountains rising out of the desert with dunes in the foreground in namibia

New Year, New Adventures: 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Namibia in 2024

Namibia, a country in southwestern Africa, is a land of striking landscapes and diverse wildlife. With its vast deserts, rugged mountains, and abundant wildlife, it’s a destination that will leave you in awe. I’ve spent almost a month in Namibia exploring its dramatic deserts, epic coastlines, and untamed wilderness. It’s

vast and majestic landscape in kenya with the small silhouette of a hot air balloon above and animals grazing below

New Year, New Adventures: 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kenya in 2024

Kenya is a country that embodies the spirit of adventure. From its iconic national parks and wildlife to its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, Kenya is a destination that will leave you in awe. I’ve spent several weeks exploring Kenya and have visited most of the main sights, as well


Top 10 Safest African Countries to Visit in 2024

If you’re considering a trip to Africa but are concerned about safety, this post is for you you. To help you plan a safe and memorable trip, I’ve put together this guide to the safest African countries to visit. I’ll also be discussing some potential risks you should be aware


7 Best Lodges In Tsavo East And West, Kenya in 2024

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll be reviewing the seven best safari lodges in Tsavo East and West. Cutting straight to the chase: Finch Hattons Luxury Lodge and Salt Lick Safari Lodge are two of the most luxurious and famous lodges in Kenya. However, there are several other excellent Tsavo lodges

Soldier and tour guide standing in the shade underneath an overhanging rock in Laas Geel, Somaliland

Backpacking In Somaliland: Something A Bit Different (2024)

Yes, backpacking in Somaliland is totally possible.  With a bit of planning, patience, and an open mind, you can explore this fascinating self-declared state in the Horn of Africa very safely.   Somaliland will probably surprise you.  It’s definitely one of the most memorable places I have travelled to. First things first. 


Backpacking Kenya: The Ultimate Guide (2024)

Welcome to my ultimate guide to backpacking Kenya. People often associate Kenya with luxury (and pricey) all-inclusive safari holidays.  However, there are plenty of opportunities for exploring this amazing country on a budget.   Kenya is, without a doubt, one of the most popular destinations in Africa.  And for good reason. 


Ethiopia Itinerary: A Comprehensive Guide to Visiting Ethiopia in 2024

Ethiopia will blow your mind.  There’s nowhere else quite like it. Forget the images you might recall from Live Aid.  The following Ethiopia itinerary will give you a sense of just how varied and amazing this country is. It’s a vast place with staggering beauty, dramatic landscapes and ancient cultures.

Giant boulders and rocky peaks in Spitzkoppe Namibia at golden hour

17 Beautiful Places In Namibia: My Favourites (2024)

There are more beautiful places in Namibia than I could possibly hope to include in this post.  But here are some of my favourites. I’ve spent almost a month in Namibia and have travelled extensively all over the country. It’s a place of truly epic proportions. If you like wide open spaces, spectacular,