Basic Kazakh Phrases For Travel

Learning a few simple words and phrases in Kazakh will hugely enhance your experience in Kazakhstan. It unlocks a more authentic glimpse into the local way of life and a deeper connection with the people. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Almaty or the endless Central Asian steppe, a


Basic Italian Phrases For Travel

Italian is one of my favourite languages. It just sounds so beautiful, lyrical, and expressive. It’s also incredibly fun to speak, even if you only know a few words of Italian. Whether you’re ordering a coffee and a gelato or asking for directions, learning some simple Italian phrases can add


Basic Hindi Phrases For Travel

Hindi is the most spoken language in India, with more than 500 million native speakers. While many people in urban areas speak English, learning even a tiny amount of Hindi can be very helpful, especially in the northern and central regions, where the majority of India’s Hindi speakers live. I’ve


Basic Hebrew Phrases For Travel

Hebrew, with its biblical roots and modern revival, is more than just a language – it’s a living piece of history. Speaking Hebrew, even at a basic level, can significantly enhance your experience in Israel. It allows for a deeper connection with the locals and a richer understanding of the


Basic Georgian Phrases For Travel

The Georgian language, with its ancient alphabet and melodious sounds, is one of the oldest languages in the world. It’s not an easy language to master, but learning even a few simple words and phrases can greatly enrich your experience there. Georgians are known for their warmth and hospitality, and

View of Tallinn's Old Town with towers and spires from Toompea Hill

Basic Estonian Phrases For Travel

Estonia offers a unique blend of medieval cities, modern innovation, and untouched natural beauty. And picking up a few simple Estonian words and phrases will greatly enhance your experience in the country. Whether you’re strolling through Tallinn’s fairytale old town or relaxing by the Baltic Sea, you’ll have a much


Basic Croatian Phrases For Travel

While many Croatians speak excellent English, they also really appreciate it when you make the effort to learn a few simple Croatian words and phrases. In my experience, this opens doors to warmer interactions, more authentic experiences, and a deeper understanding of the culture. It’s the bridge between being simply


Basic Arabic Phrases For Travel

Even though it may be intimidating at first, making an effort to learn a handful of Arabic words and phrases can go a long way when travelling throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Whether you’re exploring the deserts of Oman, the souks of Morocco, or the ancient ruined cities

View of the famous Rock-hewn Church of St George in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Basic Amharic Phrases For Travelling In Ethiopia

In this post, I’ll guide you through some basic Amharic phrases. Speaking even a little bit of Amharic can really transform your Ethiopian adventure. It will help you connect with the local people and allow you to share and embrace their traditions. Ethiopia has an epic tapestry of ancient cultures


Basic Albanian Phrases For Travel

Learning a few simple Albanian words and phrases can help transform your visit from a fun trip to an unforgettable, authentic experience. If you’ve spent any time on this blog, you’ll know that Albania is one of my favourite countries in Europe. Its rugged landscapes and Mediterranean beaches are spectacular.