Carlsbad Caverns Big Room: The Most Amazing Cave

Deep beneath the Chihuahuan Desert, in south-east New Mexico, lies one of the most incredible natural spectacles I have ever seen.   Carlsbad Caverns Big Room is a truly enormous underground cave, full of beautiful limestone formations and underground lakes. Stalactites and stalagmites in the Big Room, Carlsbad Caverns The cave


Cuba Itinerary: Ultimate Guide To The Top Destinations

Cuba is one of the most incredible places in the world.  Vibrant, warm and addictive, it’s an amazing place to explore.  However, the largest island in the Caribbean is deceptively big, and picking the highlights can be tricky.  The perfect Cuba itinerary depends on how much time you have. Typical scenery in


Split Old Town: Croatia’s Fascinating Roman City

The ancient walled city of Split is an incredible place.   Walking around Split Old Town (or Old City Split, depending on who you ask), there’s history literally everywhere you go.   The city’s bustling port, on the Adriatic Sea, was first established by the ancient Greeks who built a settlement here. 


Best Places To Visit In Northern Turkey

Turkey is a seriously beautiful country, and one that I keep returning to.  There’s just so much to see and experience in this amazing place.  Northern Turkey, on the Black Sea coast, is possibly my favourite part of the country. The Black Sea region (called “Karadeniz“, in Turkish) is green,


Oman Road Trip: An Epic Arabian Adventure (UPDATED 2023)

This post contains everything you need to plan the ultimate Oman road trip. Oman is an incredibly beautiful country with varied landscapes and warm, friendly people.  It’s one of the most peaceful, welcoming places I’ve ever visited. Public transport is a bit lacking here though.  The best way to explore


Driving From Dubai To Oman: What You Need To Know

Looking for information on how to travel from Dubai to Oman by road? Whether you live in Dubai, or are simply visiting, a trip to Oman is a must.  Best of all, you don’t need to fly.  Driving from Dubai to Oman is fairly straightforward, and a great adventure.  There are


Trekking In Sikkim: A Secret Himalayan Paradise

There are countless incredible experiences you can have in India.  Trekking in Sikkim has to be one of the top.  Forget the Taj Mahal and other touristy sights.  Sikkim is out of this world. This untouched Himalayan paradise is beautiful beyond words. Gurudongmar Lake As well as its staggering physical


Vama Veche: Bohemian Party Town On The Black Sea

Vama Veche is legendary in Romania.  During the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, this little village on the country’s southern Black Sea coast was a haven for artists, intellectuals, hippies, bohemians and other dissidents, who would come here to escape from life under their repressive communist government.  It’s where people went


Tbilisi To Mestia: Into The High Caucasus

Wondering how to get to Mestia from Tbilisi?  This comprehensive guide has all of the information you need. If you haven’t yet travelled to Georgia (the country), you really should.  It’s definitely one of my favourite countries in the world.  Travelling from Tbilisi to Mestia, an epic journey up into the


The Perfect Albania Road Trip: This Place Is Epic! (UPDATED 2023)

Albania is awesome.  Really awesome.  This little country in South-East Europe has everything.  Extremely varied scenery, mountains, forests, stunning beaches on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, crystal clear waters, and beautiful architecture.   In this post I’ll set out some ideas for the perfect Albania road trip. Road trip Albania – stunning